TSM day school is an extension of our evening school. Students attend our Thursday evening training and then come back for more on Friday. Our day school gives students extended time to encounter God together, build family with each other and go deeper on their journey of learning to live like Jesus.


TSM day school gives students time and space to go much deeper in all aspects of TSM. We get to enjoy extended times of worship, grow in our understanding and implementation of culture, and have more opportunities to put things into practise on the streets.
Day school also enables us to go deeper in our understanding of who God is and who He says we are. We have more opportunities to receive revelation from Him as we learn to recognise His voice, hear faith-filled teaching, study scripture together and unpack truth through discussions and Q and A.


At TSM we are passionate about being family together. Our day school enables us to build family in a unique way because of the amount of time we spend together. Day school students benefit from more connection with each other, with our TSM leadership team and with key leaders from King’s Arms. Having more time to connect creates a safe place for students to take risks in order to discover who God has called them to be and step into all they are called to do.



At TSM we are passionate about students being empowered to live like Jesus. We don’t want you to get to the end of your year having just heard good teaching, we want you to be equipped to live a naturally supernatural life.

We believe God’s revelation leads to participation. As we discover who we are, we realise what we’re called to do with Him. At day school we have plenty of time to put into practice what we learn through regular activations. We also get lots of opportunity to bless Bedford through regular times of outreach across the year.

Financial information 2019/20

The pricing for 2019-2020 has not been published yet. You can see last years pricing here:

  • £50 deposit
  • This is the total tuition price for both evening and daytime school.

Early Bird

  • apply on or before 31st July £50 deposit
  • This is the total tuition price for both evening and daytime school.