TSM is for anyone hungry for more of God and passionate about seeing God’s Kingdom come wherever they go. It is for people from all stages of life (18+). So far our youngest student has been 18 and our oldest student has been in her 80’s. TSM is a perfect training opportunity for anyone taking a gap year before heading to University.

TSM daytime includes Thursday evening and Friday day, so it’s not an option to just attend on the Friday. We will cover core elements of the TSM syllabus during Thursday evening sessions when all our students are together. If you miss Thursday evenings you will miss crucial parts of the TSM journey.

Of course you would be very welcome to apply to do the daytime school. Just be aware that the daytime structure means you will repeat the evening school over the nine months.

Evening School:

If you apply to do TSM evening school, we ask that you pay your fees in full by the 30th October. Fees include a £50 non-refundable deposit that needs to be paid to secure your place if you are accepted after interview.

Daytime School:

If you apply to do TSM daytime school, there are two options for paying your fees:

Option 1: You can pay your fees in full by 31st October
Option 2: You can pay your fees in two instalments:

  • First half of the total fee by 31st October
  • Second half of the total fee by the end of December

Early Bird applications close after 31st July

TSM starts with a Friday evening and a Saturday on the 4th & 5th October 2019.

You will receive a document with all the dates for the year once you are accepted on the school and you can find some more dates in our blog post.

We will try to provide you with some contact details of accommodation options, but we ask that you take responsibility for sorting out your overnight needs.

We are keen for students to attend as many sessions as possible so that they can get the most out of their year with us. However, students do not have to attend every session to graduate. Our absence allowance is as follows:

Evening School: 8 Thursday evenings & 2 Saturdays
Daytime School: 8 Thursday evenings & 8 Fridays & 2 Saturdays

Once we have received your application form and your reference, we will be in touch with you to arrange an interview slot. Our interviews are informal and last approximately 30 minutes. You can either be interviewed at King’s House or over the phone, via Skype or on Facetime.

Note: Please make sure you fill in your referee’s email address accurately on your application form. This helps to speed up the interview process.

In one respect the whole focus of TSM is discipleship. We want to equip students to be all God has called them to be and to do the stuff that Jesus did. We have an amazing team who are excellent at getting alongside students and cheering them on. However, we don’t have the capacity to do much 1:1 input.

Each student is asked to find a mentor for the year, preferably from their home church. Our pastoral team is then the connection point between TSM and mentors.

Yes, we love having visitors! People can visit up to 4 times, starting from October 2018. We ask visitors to pay £10 each evening/day they come. To arrange to visit simply fill out the form on our Visitors page.

Yes! We love to eat together as family, but sadly our budget doesn’t stretch far enough to provide food every week. Fortunately we have our own Ground Floor coffee shop, which sells food. Alternatively Morrisons is a five minutes walk from our building.

More questions? Feel free to contact us

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TSM - Training for Supernatural Ministry
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TSM - Training for Supernatural Ministry
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