Open Evening


We love having visitors at TSM to get a flavour of what is happening. We have  an open evening so that you can take a look at what a typical TSM evening looks like. Our next open day is Thursday 23rd February 2017, starting at 7pm for coffee. Entrance is free for the evening. This would be a particularly good evening to attend if you are a TSM student’s mentor or if you are a church leader and you have people in your church attending the school.
During the evening we will worship together, talk about what a TSM year looks like, listen to some teaching, do some Q and A and maybe even do some prophesying. Sign up through the form below.


So fun that you want to visit. Visiting will give you a flavour of our family feel and give you an opportunity to meet the team and ask some questions. We ask you to contribute £10 per visit and you can visit up to 4 times per year. You can visit on both Thursday evenings and Friday daytimes.

Please fill in the form below to request a visit with the specific date.