TSM Culture

TSM Culture

Every group develops a culture; a way of doing things together, and that happens either accidentally or deliberately.  At the King’s Arms we are passionate about developing a culture where God’s presence loves to dwell.  We want to replicate that culture in TSM.  It’s not enough to know where we’re going, we need to know who we’re becoming along the way.

The culture we’re aiming for has five key components:


  • Honour comes from the heart. We have been given honour by God Himself. Out of the place of receiving honour from God we are able to honour and respect ourselves and others.
  • Develop a heart of gratitude. Make thanksgiving a key foundation in your life.
  • Seek first to understand, then to be understood.
  • Be aware of what you’re speaking over yourself and others. Our words have incredible power.
  • Be on time whenever you can. Honour others by valuing their time.


  • We have a radically generous Father. When we are generous with our time, money, resources, gifts we look like Him.
  • Look for ways of serving your TSM family. Serve others as if you are serving Jesus (you are!).
  • Ask yourself, ‘what is the most loving thing I can say or do right now?’
  • Champion others in their pursuit of Jesus and what He’s called them to.
  • Offer hospitality and make people feel special. Exceed expectations!


  • We are completely accepted in Christ, just as we are, unconditionally. We can do nothing to earn our acceptance or to lose it. Wow!
  • Look for ways to be kind to others.  Kindness is a mark of true strength.
  • Never be shocked or self-righteous about the sin of others.  We’re all a mess without Christ.
  • Never allow yourself to think that you would have done better given someone else’s circumstances.
  • Don’t compare yourself to other people. Really work at accepting yourself


  • True community cannot exist with masks. When the masks come down genuine connection begins. Let people see who you really are.
  • Make sure you always have a small number of people who know ‘everything!’
  • Who you are when no one’s looking; that’s who you are.
  • We’re called to speak the truth in love.  Ask yourself, ‘Am I having brave conversations?’ ‘Is what I’ve just said truthful/loving?’
  • In it all, have fun.  Purity God’s way is joy filled not heavy!


  • Jesus overcame the worst kind of opposition so that you can overcome. All things are possible with God.
  • Learn to hate fear; it is one of your greatest enemies.
  • Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb; that’s where the fruit is. Expect to make mistakes.
  • Live with the joyful expectation that God intends to be good to you.
  • Encourage, encourage, encourage.