A small step of obedience


Today’s blog post is written by Liam Pickford from Kings Arms Church in Bedford:

On 20th October 2015, I received some information via a number of social media sites that there was an event going on in Croydon called “Witchfest”, in November.  It had come from the director of the South London Burn which is a community of Christians who are looking to set up 24-7-365 worship, prayer and supernatural outreach. They were planning to set a gazebo outside the conference centre, offering spiritual readings and tattoo interpretations (see footnote for more info) to those attending the conference.

I called the director of the South London Burn and explained that I co-lead a Missional Community based at the King’s Arms Church in Bedford, Called From Rough to Reign. We meet people wherever they’re at, whether they are involved with the occult or gangs, have drug and alcohol issues or have other difficulties. We share the love and light of Jesus with them with a view to bringing them into family and discipleship. The director gave me details of what their group were going to do and I came away to ask God what he wanted us to do.  He told me He wanted me “in there” – I have a general rule that I ask all of my Missional Community members to respect, which is that if they are answering the call to anything like this they go with at least one other person.

That evening I asked the people in my missional community if they would pray into it and let me know if they felt called to join me.  I also shared the same information with our prayer group as From Rough to Reign has a prayer team of 34, who we share information with and ask to pray as the Holy Spirit leads them.

A guy from our group called Ben felt it was right to join me so we  bought tickets and went to the event to see how we could partner with what God was doing there.  We arrived at lunchtime and were blessed by the Love Project,the name that the Burn had adopted for the event, on our way in.

We swapped our tickets for wristbands and took a moment to buy a drink, pray and ask God where He wanted us.  Over the course of the day we attended two lectures. We mingled with the other delegates, about 1,200 witches, and Ben prophesied over a few and shared God’s love.

God told me specifically not to reach out, that He would bring people to me.  Eventually I was approached by an older witch who was upset and angered about a Christian who had been placarding the event with a sign that said ‘Repent or be damned’ type stuff.  I told her I carry peace and asked her if I could impart peace to her.  She consented, so I said I was grateful for her, put my hand on her shoulder and declared an impartation of peace to her mind, heart and spirit.  

We danced prophetically and knew God’s presence with us throughout.  It was a small step of obedience, but I understand if we are faithful in the small things, God will entrust us with much. I’m looking forward to further adventures where we see folk getting free from the occult.
Spiritual reading – When we offer a spiritual reading, we are really just offering a prophetic word. We have found that changing the language slightly to accommodate a different ‘target audience’ has seen tremendous fruit and has opened up many more conversations. Like prophetic words,  ‘Spiritual Readings are always encouraging and edifying and uplifting.
Tattoo Reading/ Interpretation – Much like a Spiritual Reading, this gives opportunity to share a prophetic word over an individual. We ask Holy Spirit to highlight specific things about or on an individual’s tattoo with the intent to bless, encourage and uplift them.