Thank you for donating to TSM. We love that you feel part of the TSM family. We are excited to see Christians really understand what it means to be a son and daughter in God's family. In addition to our local school we want to invest in people that can't come to Bedford or have been on TSM before, but are still hungry for the Supernatural. With donated money we aim to release resources and invest in our local school. Fill in the form below to donate securely

First things first, we don’t actually need more money. At the moment TSM has a deficit of several thousand pounds, but King’s Arms Church subsidises this.

However, our vision is bigger than our limitations can handle at the moment. We would love to:

  • Keep encouraging and equipping alumni students to live Naturally Supernatural. So often we need a nudge or an encouragement to keep going and to listen to what God has in store for us.
  • To develop resources for groups and churches that don’t feel called to start a supernatural school, but still want the culture. We are currently developing a culture of courage curriculum.
  • To grow our team to run our local school well and also to serve and equip people outside of Bedford that cannot do the school for a variety of reasons. We want to see a generation of Christians who know their identity in Christ.

It is really secure to donate through this website. We use ChurchSuite to help us with this and they follow all the official protocols.

We are totally happy for you to chat to us if you have more questions or want more detail. Contact us quickly!