TSM evening school empowers people to live like Jesus. Students travel from all over the UK and Europe to attend, and every year lives are transformed. The culture of the school creates a safe place for students to take off their Christian mask and walk into freedom. The syllabus of the school equips students to be all God has called them to be; to do the stuff that Jesus did. TSM Evening meets every Thursday evening in term time and on some Saturday’s



At TSM we love to worship Jesus. One of our favourite things is seeing our students fall more in love with Jesus as they encounter His presence though extended times of worship.
We are passionate about prioritising God’s presence, because we know that when God comes everything can change in an instant. Watching a room full of passionate worshippers standing in God’s glory is a definite highlight for the team.


We have great teachers at King’s Arms and TSM with plenty to talk about and impart. Our desire is to teach revelation, not just information. We like to leave lots of room for ministry at the end of sessions so that what has been taught can be applied straight away. In the first term we mainly focus on who God is and who He says we are. After that we look further into the Kingdom of God and it’s supernatural elements.
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Activations are where we get to put into practise some of the things we learn about on TSM.

We believe that Christians don’t need more information about how to do things, what they need is courage to do the things they already know how to do. During activations we get to practise what we preach in a safe family environment where it’s ok to get things wrong; where we celebrate obedience over outcome.
TSM activations include prophetic exercises, understanding the power of our words, breaking lies and declaring truth and learning how to pray.


All students are in a same gender courage group, led by a member of our wider team. These groups very quickly become like family as they provide a great opportunity to really get to know and be known by a few people. You will be sharing your testimony; start processing what God does during teaching, activation and ministry times; you’ll also be able to encourage, pray for and prophesy over other people in your group.

Courage Groups


We love outreach! At TSM we are continually learning what it looks like to love people around us. Our philosophy for outreach is simple: become what love looks like to the people you meet, find out how you feel most comfortable sharing God’s love, celebrate obedience as success and leave the outcome of your obedience with God.
We go out on the streets four Saturday afternoons and three evenings where we learn prophetic evangelism, creative evangelism and how to pray for people for healing.

Financial information 2020/21

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