TSM is for anyone hungry for more of God and passionate about seeing God’s Kingdom come wherever they go. It is for people from all stages of life (18+). So far our youngest student has been 18 and our oldest student has been in her 80’s. TSM is a perfect training opportunity for anyone taking a gap year before heading to University.

TSM meets every Thursday evening in term time and includes some Saturday’s.

On the Thursday evenings we open doors at 7pm for refreshments and we start at 7.30pm. The evening finishes at 10pm.

If you apply to do TSM evening school, we ask that you pay your fees in full by the 30th October. Fees include a £50 non-refundable deposit.

Early Bird applications close after 31st July

TSM starts with a Friday evening and a Saturday on the 4th & 5th October 2019.

You will receive a document with all the dates for the year once you are accepted on the school and you can find some more dates in our blog post.

We are keen for students to attend as many sessions as possible so that they can get the most out of their year with us. However, students do not have to attend every session to graduate. Our absence allowance is as follows:

8 Thursday evenings & 2 Saturdays

Once we have received your application form and your reference, we will be in touch with you to arrange an interview slot. Our interviews are informal and last approximately 30 minutes. You can either be interviewed at King’s House or over the phone, via Skype or on Facetime.

Note: Please make sure you fill in your referee’s email address accurately on your application form. This helps to speed up the interview process.

In one respect the whole focus of TSM is discipleship. We want to equip students to be all God has called them to be and to do the stuff that Jesus did. We have an amazing team who are excellent at getting alongside students and cheering them on. However, we don’t have the capacity to do much 1:1 input.

Each student is asked to find a mentor for the year, preferably from their home church. Our pastoral team is then the connection point between TSM and mentors.

Yes, we love having visitors! People can visit up to 4 times, starting from October. We ask visitors to pay £10 each evening they come. To arrange to visit simply fill out the form on our Visitors page.

More questions? Feel free to contact us

Applications are closing in six days. Join the adventure! ...

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5 reasons to consider signing up this year

1) We laugh a lot
2) Every week you will hear great stories of what God is doing in the UK
3) You get equipped to hear God for yourself and pursue the impossible
4) We are all normal people that are hungry for more. What about you?
5) Great worship
5b) We laugh a lot

We close applications next week. Apply quickly!

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We are excited to worship God together for the entire evening. We are expectant for miracles, breakthroughs and more than that; just gazing at our King. Wasting an evening on loving God is not such a bad idea.

This Thursday, doors open at 7pm.

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2 weeks ago

TSM - Training for Supernatural Ministry

I took this picture on my birthday, it was our TSM - Training for Supernatural Ministry open evening. I’m biased, but I think 500 alumni students over 10 years would agree that there is something special about this course.

As I’m reflecting on the last 8 years of my life in Bedford, a town I’d never heard of, I’m in awe of what God has done. Jesus called me out of my small city in The Netherlands “to move and get trained”. Eight years later, that call hasn’t changed. Even though I have the privilege of leading this team, it’s really still a huge discipleship journey.

That’s what I love about TSM. Team and students alike wanting to grow and learn in the knowledge of God. No clever answers, just hungry questions. Each of us learning to be comfortable with the lowest seat at the table and fixing our eyes on our Master Jesus. The true head of the table. As the world get’s more complicated, our mission becomes simpler; to pursue the impossible.

As we start our new school year in the UK, I’m calling the hungry. Young and old, intellectual and non-intellectual. Introvert and extravert. Come fill the room with hunger. To be honest, you might have heard it all before, who cares. It’s not only about growing in knowledge, it’s about growing in Jesus.

It’s worth the drive, the flight, the tired evenings. Fire falls on sacrifice. I’m hungry for more. I’m excited to see signs and wonders again. I can’t wait for the times where we just sit in His presence, enjoying, waiting as he renews our strength. Gosh, it’s gonna be good.

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Our first team meeting of the year. We are declaring breakthrough over the students. We can’t wait! Still time to sign up! ...

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