Have a go – God is with you!

Blog by Caroline Cameron, student at TSM.

Eating a salad lunch whilst waiting for my train, I spotted a young woman with long curly brown hair and felt that God had a word for her, but the very next moment she was hurrying past me in the opposite direction. Oh well.

On the platform waiting for my imminent train, she arrived and was standing close to me. Perhaps there would be an opportunity after all. Once in my seat, I realised she must have sat elsewhere – only to see her sit down a few rows away just as the train pulled out. Unfortunately I was hemmed in. What now? A few stops on, others had left and I was free. It was now or never. She agreed to sit with me while I told her what God had put on my heart.

A specific word about an unkind boyfriend, an encouragement to be who she was created to be, and the love and care of a heavenly Father. She beamed. God touched her heart.

One of the wonderful things I have learned whilst on TSM is that our loving heavenly Father has something to say to everyone. So I have become more expectant for He and I to work together to display his love for them in this way.

Words of encouragement are one of my love languages (along with acts of service – just in case anyone wants to come and mow my lawn). Knowing that I am so completely loved and adored by my Father makes me feel invincible! Realising that God cares enough about someone to share with me what I couldn’t possibly know must make them feel special and loved by the Creator of the universe. In my experience, words of knowledge create an open and soft heart for God to break in further.

So how does one receive a word of knowledge? It can happen anywhere: restaurants, waiting rooms, parks, town centres, even toilets! In fact anywhere you find people. It can be for anyone – men, women, young people, children. But there are no specific steps to follow. Rather, it’s about living with a sense of the presence of God in you, around you, with you.

Knowing that God wants everyone to taste and see Jesus, and to experience the love and power of the Holy Spirit. Then it’s about stepping out in obedience. And being willing to be wrong and inconvenienced– so it’s a good dose of humility!

It’s always worth stepping out – partnering with our Father God. After receiving a specific word about a week of trauma and then prophesying God’s love over someone, one young woman hugged me tightly and then said, “This has been the highlight of my week!”

Our God is so good. So let me encourage you – step out, have a go. God is with you.