He ripped up the rulebook

Recently, one of our TSM students wrote a beautiful poem for one of their book reports on “Experiencing the Father’s Embrace”, by Jack Frost. It’s a beautiful reminder of all the Jesus won for us on the cross on Easter weekend. Why not take some time to read the poem and allow the Father to speak to you, and overwhelm you again with his affection for you!

by Lou Sewell

Your love pursues me
Your love chases after me
You’ve broken the chains of perfectionism
You’ve broken the chains of performance

I don’t have to try really hard anymore
I don’t have to try and hold it all together
You have taken the pressure off
No longer am I crippled by the weight of the world on my shoulders

You don’t wag your finger at me

I tried to follow all the rules to please you,
but I couldn’t be perfect.
So you ripped up the rule book,
and told me you loved because I was yours,
not because I tried to be good.

You smiled at me
and your love was enough to melt my heart and melt away the pressure.
You said I was good enough.

When I am weak and feel like I haven’t quite hit the mark,
you tell me it’s okay and your arms embrace me.
You hold me close.
Your love trumps it all.

Your love chases me down.
You want to be near me and your delight in me feels like the sun on my face.
It warms my whole body and feels me with peace.

You say I’m yours.
You wrap me up and hold me close, I can snuggle into your protective arms.
I don’t have to try and screw up my face
and clench my fist
and wish for your love to come.
Your love is always ready and waiting for me.

Thank you for loving me.
I love you too,
you are my loving Dad
and I am your precious daughter.