How to keep your fire burning!

How to keep your fire burning – Sarah Collins

My prayer in this season is this, “Father I’m hungry for you, make me hungrier still.” I want to burn with a passion to know Him as my friend and to see His Kingdom fires extend across the earth!

In a world that keeps on turning it can be very easy to allow the busyness of life to captivate your attention. Recently I’ve had a week working overtime, and I very quickly became self-reliant, tired and drained of energy. I forgot to draw strength from my Father.

Even in these seasons of chaos I believe we can have an intimate friendship with Jesus that makes us hungry for more of Him, gives us fresh strength and enables us to experience the fullness of life that He promises. When we fuel our hearts desire for more of Jesus we will be activated in courage and freedom to see the Kingdom of God break out in our towns and make disciples who make disciples.

“But how can we stay on fire for Him?” I hear you ask! Here are three top tips:

Schedule time for encounter

Personal encounter with Jesus, dwelling in His presence, experiencing His nature in the secret place, is where transformation truly takes place.

I have to intentionally book in time in my diary to ensure I regularly have time to do this. I shut the door to my bedroom, turn the music up and sing to Him.

One of the words used for praise in the Bible is the Hebrew word “Tehilla” which means to sing a spontaneous, unwritten song to the Lord. This is my favourite way to express my love and adoration for Jesus.

As we express our adoration to Him, He loves to come and reveal more of Himself to us. It’s in this place we develop intimacy with God and are transformed into His likeness.

Corrie Ten Boom famously said: “Don’t pray when you feel like it. Have an appointment with the Lord and keep it. A man is powerful on his knees.”

The Bible is an encounter waiting to happen

It’s easy to underestimate the power of the written word of God. To overlook it as an opportunity to grow in passion for Jesus. For so long I read the Bible out of duty and legalism. More recently I’ve learned that the Bible is an encounter waiting to happen. If you read it in partnership with the Holy Spirit, revelation and presence are waiting for you.

I’m new on this journey of encountering Jesus through His word but I’m trusting in the Scripture that says “Abide in me, and I in you” John 15:4. When we read the Word we are choosing to abide in Jesus, and when we do that, in return He will come and make Himself known in our hearts. What an exciting invitation!

Be filled with wonder

To provoke our hunger in Jesus I think it’s so important to be filled with wonder and be in awe of what He is doing around us. I love to read stories of missionaries, miracles and outrageous courage that lead to encounters as they are so inspiring. I want to feed myself on Kingdom stories to excite my heart to see the same thing happen in my own town, in my workplace and in my home.

I recently heard a story of a lady who had incredible pain in her back, so much so that she had a battery implanted in her that would trick her brain into thinking she had no pain, yet even that failed to stop the pain. Jesus miraculously healed her in a moment and she’s now pain free! It’s stories like these that cause me to wonder at God’s Goodness and be overwhelmed with thankfulness at His kindness and faithfulness. It’s these stories that fuel my hunger for more of Jesus!

I know that if we intentionally cultivate these three lifestyle habits that we can keep going with a burning passion for Jesus’ name to be made famous on the whole earth. We will live with a mindset of being world changers and hunger to see the miraculous today.

What a beautiful friendship!

Suggested reading to cultivate your wonder
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