Lasting Change

This week’s blog post is written by Matt Davies who is part of this year’s team and was one of our original students from year 1 of TSM!

I’m here to let you into a little bit of what’s happening in the world of TSM as we draw to the end of another school year.

I want to talk you about ‘Lasting Change’, but first some context.

One of the key motivating factors for people attending TSM is to see change. To many this change represents a personal and spiritual growth. The students and team want to develop and by attending the school we encourage each individual in their personal growth. If you have ever observed anything growing like seeds you’ve planted or weeds, that you didn’t plant, you know there is a sense of satisfaction (not with the weeds obviously) seeing them break through the soil and grow up into healthy plants.

Have you ever taken the time to measure your spiritual growth? It’s amazing when you do stop and reflect and see where you started and where you are currently. It can spur you on and give you faith for more.

So some of the topics we focus on throughout TSM are Identity and Freedom.

Let’s start with identity. This is all about who we have been made to be by exploring who God says we are, this reveals to us God’s view (the true version of us). Beautiful, free, shameless, enough and powerful!

However, sometimes when we look in the mirror or through comparison against others we decide the thoughts we are having are true about us – ugly, imperfect, shameful, not good enough and failure!

God’s heart is that we know who we are because of what Jesus did for us by being crucified and thoroughly defeating death. This changes everything, not just for eternity when we die, but from now – yes this moment right now!!

For me this represents one of the first stages of change at TSM. It’s like having your insides rewired. Aligning ourselves to the truth of who God says we are, getting our identity closer to the blueprint God intended for us.

We also look at freedom and naturally when looking at this, we address the things that make us feel that we are trapped, caged in. When God points out areas of our lifestyle and habits which don’t fit with our true identity, we get a sense of the areas that God wants to bring freedom to. When we soak up God’s love and get free from our fears we can step into our ‘true’ identity and this helps us make courageous choices and bold decisions.

In John 10:10 we get a holistic view from Jesus as to why He came to Earth. He says ‘I came so that they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of’. This is not only what I want for myself but for all those around me. This is a message from Jesus that we wholeheartedly believe and live out at TSM.

So how does this change last?

I believe that once your internal rewiring has begun, we should continually be open for God to point out the areas where we don’t think or act like His children. This way we can easily invite Him to show us who we are made to be, in an ongoing way. As we keep inviting Him and His kingdom in to our lives, He will free us up from the things we need freedom in and guide us to continually make courageous and bold choices as we go from glory to glory.