TSM lead is designed for a smaller group to learn how to apply TSM’s teaching in your place of influence. The weekends are about learning to lead other people into an encounter with God, internal freedom and equipping you to create a powerful culture of hope around you.



The most common question we get asked at our TSM school is this: “How do we take all this stuff home?” That’s why TSM Lead exists. We want to spend more time looking at bringing a cultural change in our families, churches and workplaces.
Whether you are a stay-at-home parent, business leader, employee or a ministry leader, we want to equip you to bring the Kingdom culture wherever you are.
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Proper discipleship doesn’t happen on a big scale. It happens when we hold each other accountable to our gifts.

We want to create an environment, with maximum of 35 people, where we can talk about implementing Kingdom culture in our environment. Everyone has a different sphere of influence and everyone has different obstacles to overcome. Let’s help each other! Let’s give space for Jesus to talk to us personally about seeing His glory cover the earth.



We have booked out four weekends for TSM Lead. 24th & 25th January, 6th & 7th March, 3rd & 4th April and 1st & 2nd May for a Friday evening and a Saturday day.

The fees for the weekends are £300. TSM lead requires a £75 deposit to secure your place within a month of acceptance. The rest of the fees can be paid through a payment plan.

Everyone can apply, whether you have done other TSM schools or not.

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● Culture change in your environment
● Equipping people for healing and words of knowledge
● Activating others in the prophetic
● Leading people into their sonship
● Supernatural in the workplace
● Setting people free
● …and many others