My heart was changed instead!

TSM Student blog: Anne-Mette

I expected lots of notes on how to see revival break out – But my heart was changed instead!

A few years ago, I knew I wanted to know more of God and to discover more about who I am created to be. I visited TSM from Denmark and experienced a community that was hungry for more of God, encouraged, loved and challenged one another in a very safe way. I longed to see the supernatural break out and be a natural part of my life and I had experienced something at TSM that made me think, “that’s what I want!” – So I moved across from Denmark for several months to start TSM.

Before I started, I expected TSM to be full of heavy theological teaching and hard training for “elite Christians”. I thought that I’d have to really pull myself together to keep up. It turned out to be quite the opposite. I have never been in a community with so much grace, acceptance and encouragement. I felt so loved and that love set me free! TSM is a place you can fall apart and let the Father deal with the deep, hidden things in our hearts, as well as hearing and experiencing the truth of his amazing love, your value and your purpose.

I expected go back to Denmark with a lot of great teaching, and notes on how to see revival break out. But I came back with a changed heart instead. I have experienced how God can use me and work through me in incredible ways, not because of my performance, but because of his love in me. And even when I feel like I fail, there is still so much grace!

After returning to Denmark I’ve gone back to medical school to finish training. I’m also working with the homeless in our city and I am involved in my local church. In all areas, I’m experiencing a new level of freedom to share my faith. I’m living freely as who I am created to be and stepping out in faith more. I’m free to be authentic and express my emotions: This has recently helped my family to grow closer again. Additionally, as a church community, we’re seeing more of God’s Kingdom break out and people healed and saved.