Supernatural, Sustainable

It’s hard to believe but the academic year is coming to an end, and with that comes the conclusion of TSM 2016-17. We have had an amazing year of seeing God transform lives – depression has been healed, students have had hope renewed and their destinies revealed, and many people in Bedford have encountered the risen Jesus on the streets of their town – and it can be so easy (for students and team) to feel like this is an real ending. We know that isn’t the case though; the end of TSM has always been a launchpad into students pursuing the dreams God has put on their hearts for their places of influence. But how can we keep the fire in our hearts alive when we leave the environment that set it alight? Here are some tips to a sustainable supernatural life outside of the “bubble” of Christian events/schools.

1) Prioritise Presence

 This one’s a given, but easy to overlook. The number one way to keep the presence of God flowing through your life is to make His presence a priority in your life. When we spend time with Father He refreshes our spirits, restores our joy and connects us to His heart of compassion for a hurting world. Jesus says only by remaining in Him can we bear fruit – an evocative call to make Him our resting place not just for our own sake but for the sake of the world. Let’s make sure we don’t make our quiet times a religious ritual, but that we pursue the glory of God in the knowledge that His strength alone brings the Kingdom in our lives.

2) Be Ruthless with Disappointment

Let’s get two things clear: we all face disappointment in our journeys with Jesus, and it can be the most destructive force to sustainable supernatural living. Disappointment often creeps in when our prayers aren’t answered in the way we hoped. It disguises itself as realism and can lead to unbelief, rearing its ugly head when a similar situation arises that requires faith. I remember stepping out to pray for a non-Christian friend’s healing from a life-limiting food allergy, with seemingly no change to her condition despite my utmost belief that God was going to heal. For months this was the first thought in my head until I learnt the importance of processing disappointment, and how to do so. In short, take the time with Jesus to  fully feel and express the emotion and thoughts of the disappointing moment. What did it make you think or feel about yourself, about God, about the others involved? Be completely real with the God who already knows anyway. Then declare the truth as God sees it: in my case, the truth was that Father loves my friend, He is Healer and his power in my life means I am able to move in the “greater things” that Jesus promised. Let that truth sink in, and witness how you enter the next faith situation with greater expectancy.

3) Story Time

The human blueprint is for community, and we were made to share life and stories with each other. Surround yourself with people who bring good news, those who are seeing the things you want to see, and you will find yourself constantly encouraged and inspired to move in the supernatural . Learn to celebrate others’ breakthrough as your own, as we are all part of one body, and you will see the life and fruit of their lives filter into yours. Also, share your stories! You have permission to be excited and insistent about what God is doing in and through your life. Testimonies raise faith, cause worship and create a prophetic space for miraculous multiplication. Build a culture of story-telling around you because stories bring life.