The kindness of the Father to ME

As I sit here reflecting on my time at TSM so far, I could summarise what has had the biggest impact on me in three words: the Father’s kindness. And not just in a general sense, but His kindness towards ME personally. I have been constantly astounded by how good and how kind God is to me. It is so far above and beyond what I could possibly imagine! And it truly is what changes me from the inside out.

Over the past 5 months, the Father has shown his kindness to me in a number of ways.

One of the main ways is when I have talked to Him with very raw honesty about my disappointment over things I have been waiting on Him to do, or the disillusion I’ve felt about things I thought He would do but didn’t. And then, at a subsequent TSM meeting (often it’s that evening), God has spoken to me about that very thing through a prophetic word – which has completely blown me away! Wow, what kindness! Some of those things I am still waiting on, but I am just so encouraged that the Father really does know and does care about those situations, and it gives me faith that He truly can work in that situation.

One example where He did break in was when I had been expressing my sorrow to Him over feeling like I’d somehow missed His plans for me and the things He had spoken over me a few years prior. That evening at TSM, someone brought a prophetic word about that very thing and I responded. The Holy Spirit came upon me so powerfully that evening, and prophetic words were spoken to me about God restoring me and clearing the things that had got in the way of me hearing Him, and that He was still able to – and would – accomplish His plans in my life.

He released me to move in the prophetic again, and that Sunday at church I was able to prophecy over a Polish lady who struggled to understand English, but actually understood everything I was saying. She said it was like the Holy Spirit was speaking to her directly! I was bowled over by God’s goodness! Just amazing…

The Father’s kindness also shows up in the situations where I am out of my comfort zone and taking a risk. He really does know each one of us intimately, and He knows how to be what we need Him to be and how to come through for us when things are scary! Time after time when I have been out of my comfort zone, God has given me a little “helping hand” or a “leg up” through something or someone. Again, such kindness to me! It gives me confidence and faith to know I can really go for it, because He will always be there to help me – and if I make a mistake or miss an opportunity, His loving-kindness remains, and He will be there to comfort and encourage me. His kindness makes me feel so safe and free.

Graham Cooke often says the Father is the kindest person he knows. I couldn’t agree more. I encourage you all to be expectant to see His kindness in your life as you walk with Him – it’s better than you could ever imagine. Personally, I can’t wait to see where it will show up next!