The Prophetic (It’s Easier Than You Think)

Another year, another group of wonderful students deciding they want Training for Supernatural Ministry. This decision could be for a whole host of reasons: maybe they want to see more fruit in their evangelism; maybe they’re serving in church and are hoping for tools to better facilitate an encounter with God; or maybe they’re just desperate to know more of what the abundant life Christ has bought for us can actually look like. Each student’s journey is unique and exciting. All encounter God and discover truth about Him, themselves and the world He loves. This year, our blog hopes to give you a taste of what “a year in the life” at TSM looks like, with real life stories of the lives that are being changed as “we are being transformed into His image with ever-increasing glory” (2 Cor 3:18).

One of the things we’re really passionate about here at TSM is the assurance that as children of God, every believer is able to hear His voice as part of their everyday lives. Jesus said in John 10:27 that His sheep (meaning you and me) hear His voice, and that He knows them.He goes on in another passage with the parable of the lost sheep to show that His shepherding isn’t just about talking to every sheep at once – like at a Sunday service, for example – but in the one-to-one personal stuff, for the individual. Hearing God’s voice isn’t reserved for favourite Bible characters, heroes from the past, or even the church prophet. It is the birthright of a child to hear and know their father’s voice, and our Heavenly Father’s the best so surely we can expect the greatest communication from Him?

Of course, the reality is that a lot of us don’t feel particularly prophetic – even at the best of times. But Paul encourages us to eagerly desire the gift of prophecy, and I personally don’t believe he’d dangle that charismatic carrot in front of us only to cruelly wrench it away with a, “sorry, that’s not your gift”. Right from the start of the TSM course we encourage students to be active in trying to hear what God has to say for those around us, and in our activations (the place where what’s preached gets practised) many students receive great breakthroughs and discover they really can hear God’s voice.

The activations (organised by the wonderful Sarah Collins) are always fun, exciting and of course a little bit risky. They range from the seemingly silly to the sublime. I’ll quickly tell you about a couple.

One of my favourite prophetic activations is something called “Purple Dinosaur”. This is where students – in pairs – are asked to imagine the aforementioned giant lizard, and then ask the Holy Spirit to change something in the image before their mind’s eye that is relevant for their partner. It sounds a bit wacky, but it’s actually quite similar to how God taught the prophet Jeremiah to hear Him – see Jeremiah 1 to read the story. What I love about this is that a slightly “out there” picture can actually have great significance to the person receiving the word. One story is of someone who saw the dinosaur put on sunglasses – only to discover the person they were prophesying over had asked for sunglasses for their birthday later that week!

Another highlight is “blindfold prophecy”, which is perhaps slightly more self-explanatory. This one is fun because it forces you to rely solely on the voice of God; your natural senses are stifled so your spiritual senses can sharpen.

Why not take some time after reading this to ask God what He has to say to you today? Don’t be afraid to try many methods of hearing Him – through Scripture, through the natural world or even through conversations with good friends. He’s always speaking, and what He has to say is certainly worth hearing.