TSM Curriculum

With more than 30 evening sessions at the evening school and 30 full days for the daytime school we cover a lot of teaching, worship, outreach, activations and group time. Every year we try to learn about the previous year and every year we are freshly listening to God about prophetic direction for the year. Although we always want to listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying, we do have a curriculum with topics that we look at every year.

Here is an example of topics at TSM:

  • Father Heart of God
  • Our identity in Christ
  • The gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • The Presence of God
  • Kingdom of God
  • Healing
  • Worship & Encounter
  • Intimacy through Prayer
  • Communicable attributes of God (Theology of shared attributes)
  • Going deeper in the Prophetic
  • Culture of Honour, Acceptance, Authenticity, Courage & Generosity
  • Foundations of evangelism (what does love look like?)
  • The power of forgiveness
  • Your words have power
  • Power & Authority
  • Keys to Supernatural lifestyle
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Knowing your calling