TSM day school : Revelation and Activation

We have some news! And here’s Jake Cooper, from King’s Arms Church to tell you all about it:

In case you haven’t heard, TSM is launching a day school starting this September, and I’m thrilled. Why? For the last six years TSM has helped hundreds people take this journey into what should be the normal christian life. How to live with an expectation of the supernatural wherever we go, finding greater & greater levels of freedom and revelation. I’m thrilled that we’re starting a day school to allow for more time to connect with God’s heart and plans for us, for Bedford and beyond.

You can talk to so many people about how TSM has impacted them. Yes the students are the obvious ones (and they are amazing!), but also their spouses and family members, members of their churches, all those they interact with at home, at work, even out and about. Yes TSM is about individual life change for the students, but it goes beyond being about just equipping them, and is also about deploying them to the things God has called them to do, to see his plan for redemption & restoration impact all those around us.

Let me give you an example. I never used to pray for or heal the sick. I never used to know I was meant to let alone how to go about it. The church I was part of started regularly offering to pray for those who wanted to be healed. It opened my eyes to see that If Jesus said it was something we should do, then it must be something that we can do. He’s not teasing us to try and do something that we can only fail at; He’s commissioned me to do something, so I must be able to do it.

The journey of realising that we are called to and can see sick people healed is an adventure in itself, but after that revelation comes another adventure. The activation of releasing God’s healing nature to those who need it. For me over the last five or so years with faith (and often some fear), I’ve been able to experience the amazing love of God as he has used me to see people healed. Friends, family, colleagues, people in the town centre. And the truth is sometimes I’ve bottled it and given into my fear and not offered, sometimes the person hasn’t been healed, but often they have.

The point? Revelation leads to activation. We are equipped to be deployed. Trained to be sent.

The more understanding I have that God created me, loves me, knows me, speaks to me, directs me, trusts me, and gifts me, the more I am challenged to be active with these revelations and walk into my true purpose of actively sharing those revelations with the world.

At TSM day school we’re expectant for more and deeper revelations about God, and excited for how they’re activated through the students and teams to bring revival to a world longing for it.

If you’re interested in applying for either the daytime or evening school then please click on the link below for more information:

King’s Arms Bedford – Training for Supernatural Ministry