TSM Panel

At one of our evenings this year we had a panel where we discussed a variety of things on our heart as a team. We mainly ended up talking about vision, conflict and the importance of team.

In a nutshell:

  • Working as a team

We need to learn to run with our own gifts rather than trying to borrow someone else’s gift or job. As we walk into freedom and our identity, we see these gifts flourish, and it allows us to build team more effectively.

We also need to recognise the seasons we’re in as a team. We are called to preach the Word in season and out of season. (2 Tim 4:2) Often, an individual in the team will feel not as much on fire as someone else. That’s where team is powerful. Team enables you to keep moving forward without being dependent on one person. When you’re out of season, there is usually someone else in season. This helps you pull each other up and champion each other, as well as building trust and letting go of control.

  • To build a team, working through conflict is critical

Wendy talks about how she has learned to focus on the person rather than just the issue. A useful tool can be to ask the question, “Can you help me to understand what was going on when…”. This shows how self aware the person is, but also allows you to build empathy towards them, too.  

At King’s Arms, we sat, “it’s not “if you get offended, it’s how you deal with when you get offended”. We all make mistakes and need to talk in person. Confrontation is not about who’s right, it’s about understanding and building a deeper relationship than before. We recognise when God is moving in a person, rather than stumbling over who they are not.

  • Learning to manage a vision in team

It can be very helpful to ask the questions: “What are we doing this for? What is God saying?”. This will keep us on track for what God is saying and keeps us God focused rather than managing a ministry. As a team, we don’t always agree on everything but we have bought into a central vision rather than bringing our own agenda. We each have our areas and are released in that, but we also involve the core team in decisions. We change and adapt as we go to keep us all on the same page.

Quotes from this video

Philbe: “Because we are for one another, we want to pull the best out of each other. We can be vulnerable and be ourselves.”

Rah: “It’s better to give stuff away for other people to do, rather than do it all myself. When you do something in team, you get the fullest expression of everybody’s gifts. You can’t see people flourish if you keep it all to yourself.”

Marco: “I really value the challenge. If you’re both honest and also say the good things I can trust you. If you only say nice things and never say what you really thing, I start to wonder if it’s fake.”