We are family!

Here’s Sneak Peek of what it’s like to be a part of TSM – it is written by Ang Dinne from Winchester who is part of the TSM team:

I absolutely love TSM- it’s the highlight of my week, both when I was a student (even though I’d compare it to heart surgery!) and also now being on the wider team.

As for a sneak peak, well no week is the same! It could be stories, worship, talks, ministry, courage groups, activation exercises, soaking, outreach, wheel of courage, tears, laughter… What is the same each week is that God’s presence is prioritised, fun is had, family is built and a culture is established, and although this is the same week in week out, this definitely increases week by week. Each week is so good and I love it, and it does my heart so much good.

This year it is a huge privilege to walk alongside and encourage students on their TSM journey, a journey I’ve been on and still am- in taking risks, being authentic, knowing our identity, responding to the Holy Spirit, celebrating with others, living from a place of joy and freedom, and much, much more.

I also love the culture of TSM, and family is part of that culture across both students and the team. Family starts on the first day with authenticity; as we all share our testimonies- the deep, raw stuff, with our courage group and are then incredibly loved by them. Family continues through a culture of acceptance; of joy, lightness and celebration; through courage, risks and stories of what God has done; through generosity and honour; and through loving each other well.

But it’s not just family in this TSM cohort, it goes across the years.  As you meet previous TSM-ers the family connection is there straight away, through an understanding of the journey you’ve been on (although every one’s journey is different, it is also the same in terms of freedom and growing in God), and the TSM culture you live in.

Five weeks ago we had our first TSM Alumni South West gathering, where the highlights were that ‘God really met with us and brought refreshing and joy in big measure’, and that ‘everyone was loved so well it felt like FAMILY straight away’- these also happened to be our dream declarations -“Do you remember our first TSM Alumni SW where…?”- so good!

TSM really does your heart so much good, and is the best family to be part of!

If you’ve done TSM in the past, how about regularly connecting with other people who have done TSM to encourage and do family together? If you’ve yet to do TSM- DO IT!- come and experience more of God, step out of your comfort zone and be part of the TSM family. ☺